Hvid Booties Oat 0-9M

Hvid Booties Oat 0-9M

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Praised for a perfect fit thanks to our unique design of the heel. On top of that the lacets ensure the booties stay on tiny babyfeet.

• no seams
• great fit thanks to the heel

Works well for ALL SEASONS!
Baby feet can feel cold. It’s the last body parts together with the hands to get a good blood supply. It can take up to 3 months for the circulation to adapt completely to life outside the womb. So warm the feet of your babies, even in spring and summer.

• 2 sizes!!
• 0-9 months (9,5 cm)(fits from 0-12 months) • 9-15 months(for kids with bigger feet)

• 100% extra fine Italian merinowool • 100% made in Belgium
• comes in a cotton bag